Maya 2012 PyQt x64

Here’s a compiled x64 version of PyQt 4.8.3 (Compiled against Qt 4.7.1 which Maya 2012 uses) – Download

I don’t know if I am going to get around to building the x86 version, since I don’t actually use it. E. Ozgur Yilmaz from my links section has a great tutorial if you wanted to build it yourself however 🙂

  1. Much appreciated Nathan!

  2. thanks nathan, i wanted x64 version for maya 2012

  3. I compiled a x86 version http://stuff.robertkist.com/PyQt-Py2.6-x86-gpl-4.8.3-1.exe

  4. Thanks a lot Nathan. 🙂
    It’s always boring to have to wait a few hours to compile it

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