I was inspired by a post on tech-artists by Adam Pletcher over at Volition, he talked about using SQL to track usage stats for tools, and startup time for 3dsmax.

Getting the data:

I started with a simple database,  just tracking the tool name, the username, and the date/time. But there is room to expand that information later (I want to track arguments, and time taken per tool).

There’s a problem right away: accessing a remote database on every function call (that I want to track) is SLOW, to work around this I dump the data to a local temp file (I used csv), and use a timer in a separate thread to upload every N seconds (on my machine I do every 10 seconds, for the artist’s I’m still tweaking, but somewhere around 2-5 minutes seems to work well). The actual database access usually takes .1 to .5 of a second, so it’s not terrible. I also have it set to run with utils.executeDeferred(), so it goes unnoticed for me, even on my 10 second interval.

Sooo… I have a bunch of cool data in a table, now what?


It even has alpha! :)

It even has alpha! 🙂

I used pycha and pycairo to create charts from the database, had to track down some missing dll’s to get it working, but not too bad. So far the most useful chart is function usage by user (given a  function, % that each person uses it), it helps me to spot tools that aren’t being used by certain users, which will allow me to train them on the new tool. This is good because if they never use it, they probably don’t know it exists.. 🙂

Where to go from here:

Break functions down by how long they take to execute, it should show me where most of our processor time is going as far as tools are concerned, so once I turn on function timing, that’s an immediate goal.

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