After getting fed up with using someone else’s out of date versions, I decided to compile my own Qt, SIP, and PyQt for x64. I managed to get it all working and figured I could share it up, so here’s a link to the installers, as well as the latest version of sip.pyd which you will need.


Both are the latest PyQt4 4.7.3-1, however they are compiled against different versions of QT.
PyQt-Py2.6-gpl-4.7.3-1_QT_MAYA.exe is compiled against Qt 4.5.3 (2009.04) which Maya 2011 uses, the other is compiled against the latest Qt 4.6.2 (2010.02.1).

Also, please note that I did not include any components that do not come standard with the Qt SDK such as QScintilla.


Edit: A few people were unable to get this working, not sure why but here’s an alternate version without the installer that seems to fix any issues with Qt failing to import

PyQt 4.7.3 Qt x64 Maya.zip

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